Masters in Software Engineering

Masters in Software Engineering

Follow your curiosity and ongoing development by acquiring a degree that gives you knowledge in software engineering. With a Master’s degree, you get better opportunities to choose different professional fields and tasks in the future.

This Master’s programme provided you with the skills needed to work as a software engineer or software architect in world-leading companies or as a leader of development teams in software development. The programme also includes research preparation courses in the field of software engineering.

Analyse, adapt and apply

This programme provides you with the knowledge needed to develop software for future products and services where high demand is on efficiency and quality. You will also learn to build and test software products that use modern technology and how to improve development processes.

Build your competence – from beginning to end

The courses in the programme range from early planning with requirements gathering to final implementation, testing and introduction. In this way, you get a holistic view of the complex process that software development entails. You gain knowledge and experience in technology and work methodology and familiarise yourself with modern development processes and how to constantly improve them.

The programme consists of 120 credits and leads to a two-year Master’s degree.

Create software that meets future challenges – from start to finish

The programme deals with the complex challenges facing the software developers of the future and prepares you to develop software that solves these problems, where the software works with other new technologies.

You learn how to construct and test software products to meet the challenges of tomorrow, with high demands on efficiency and quality. You also learn how to reflect upon and improve modern development processes. Furthermore, you acquire a wide understanding and base of knowledge through education and training in advanced concepts within software engineering, covering the entire development process.

The education provides you with the skills and knowledge required to engineer software systems from the initial planning and scoping of projects to the process of development, testing and delivery of the software system itself to final implementation, testing and introduction. The courses cover engineering and working methodology, and you will study subjects such as project planning, software quality, and research methodology.

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